Hale Plume Candles



BEACH: sea salt + sunshine

Refreshing sea salt breeze with a hint of sweet citrus and coconut; bringing you warmth, sunshine and the ultimate beach experience.

LI-HING: mango + papaya + plum

We are especially excited about this distinctly local blend! A little sweet, a little tart, this special scent is inspired by that subtle kick of li hing powder sprinkled over your favorite fruit. Guaranteed to take you back to the neighborhood crack seed shop.

COCO: coconut + lime

A little sweet, a little citrus. COCO takes you poolside with a tropical blend of pina colada and fresh squeezed limeade.

POG: passion fruit + orange + guava

AKA, the Nectar of the Gods. A classic Hawaiian beverage, an island staple, and the inspiration for this candle blend. This sweet and tangy scent fills the air and takes you back.

LEI: plumeria + rain water

A fresh and clean, tropical floral fragrance that brings back all the feels of making leis with Tutu under the plumeria tree.